16. října 2009

Změna tapety na ploše

Inspirováno článkem na LinuxExpress.cz.

KFingerManager and KDMFprintPlugin in KDE svn

Since Wed, 14 Oct 2009 17:40:51 +0800 is source code of KFingerManager and KDMFprintPlugin part of KDE SVN.

I am sick because of this commit was not done by me (I dont backup .ssh from my work laptop and I must change ssh key). My thanks to 潘卫平(Peter Pan) for this commit.

24. června 2009

FIT VUT Brno – Hra dohrána

A to si asi ani nezasluhuje žádný komentář.

27. dubna 2009

KDM fingerprint greeter plugin

This plugin allows login with fingerprint in KDM and unlock kscreensaver. Tested in Fedora Core 10, 64bit. There is some bug in KDM and I must force UI repaint (UI thread is locked in some call or what).

Git repository:

  • git://repo.or.cz/KDMFprintPlugin.git

  • http://repo.or.cz/r/KDMFprintPlugin.git


  • http://repo.or.cz/w/KDMFprintPlugin.git

KFingerManager – improved enrollment process

3. dubna 2009

Czech translation for KFingerManager

KFingerManager build system is now (since git commit 42d46d2c7be5a1fd17b228256b4cbc6dbd9e306b) able to compile and install translations files for KFingerManager. Filename should be kcmkfingermanager_XX.po, where XX is language code. For example kcmkfingermanager_cs.po.

2. dubna 2009

KFingerManager migrated to KCModule

KFingerManager is now part of KDE System Settings, hide under About Me icon.

31. března 2009

Qt vs D-Bus: access to properties with dash in name

For properties without dash you should simple use:
QDBusInterface *iface = new QDBusInterface(service, path, interface, bus);
if (iface) {
if (iface->isValid()) {
int s = iface->property("property_name").toInt();
delete iface;

But if property name contains dash, you must use different approach:
QDBusInterface *iface = new QDBusInterface(service,
if (iface) {
if (iface->isValid()) {
QDBusReply< QVariant> r = iface->call("Get",
int s = r.value().toInt();
delete iface;

Service, path, bus, interface are same for both examples. See bug #20948 on bugs.freedesktop.org.

KFingerManager screenshots

KFingerManager main window

13. března 2009


I've just start developing application for management of enrolled fingers

Git repository:

  • git://repo.or.cz/KFingerManager.git

  • http://repo.or.cz/r/KFingerManager.git


  • http://repo.or.cz/w/KFingerManager.git