27. dubna 2009

KDM fingerprint greeter plugin

This plugin allows login with fingerprint in KDM and unlock kscreensaver. Tested in Fedora Core 10, 64bit. There is some bug in KDM and I must force UI repaint (UI thread is locked in some call or what).

Git repository:

  • git://repo.or.cz/KDMFprintPlugin.git

  • http://repo.or.cz/r/KDMFprintPlugin.git


  • http://repo.or.cz/w/KDMFprintPlugin.git

KFingerManager – improved enrollment process

3. dubna 2009

Czech translation for KFingerManager

KFingerManager build system is now (since git commit 42d46d2c7be5a1fd17b228256b4cbc6dbd9e306b) able to compile and install translations files for KFingerManager. Filename should be kcmkfingermanager_XX.po, where XX is language code. For example kcmkfingermanager_cs.po.

2. dubna 2009

KFingerManager migrated to KCModule

KFingerManager is now part of KDE System Settings, hide under About Me icon.